Charles Web Debugging Tool (Web Debugging Proxy Application) 3.6.5

Debugging and proxy software for developers

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    (Web Debugging Proxy Application) 3.6.5

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    Windows 8 / Windows Vista / Windows 7 / Windows XP

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    7.2 (353)

A powerful web proxy (HTTP Proxy/HTTP Monitor), Charles runs on your own computer and monitors all data sent and received. It is useful for internet and web developers alike. Charles provides yet another resource to help locate where any faults are occurring. So, it saves you time in the debugging process. It features support for Windows 7 and offers a trial version. This software is a continually updated program that simplifies the always frustrating debugging process. Whether you are a master developer or just getting into the business, Charles guarantees that one of the most important aspects of your career is no longer the biggest headache.

Charles comes complete with many useful features for many types of debugging processes. Its SSL proxying acts as a middle man for HTTP/SSL communication during debugging within HTTPS sessions. Its bandwidth throttling allows you to change modem speed so you can test out various latency issues and determine just how a website will work under different internet connections and speeds. Because it is built to let you see XML going between the client and the server, it is an ideal tool for XML development such as AJAX. Charles is also a great tool for Adobe Flash developers with its ability to view LoadVariables, LoadMovie, and XML loads. Aside from this high versatility, it will auto configure a browser’s proxy settings for Internet Explorer, Safari, and Mozilla Firefox. Its website also comes with a great documentation section that goes over installation, configuration, how to use it, proxying, other available tools, and frequently asked questions. The version history is a great section that explains exactly what changes with each update. That is, updates happen about twice every month.

With an active community continually updating and improving its usability, Charles is a great resource for all developers. Its varied uses make it ideal for testing out how sites will run with various internet speeds as well as monitoring all traffic between a computer and client while debugging. Though its interface is incredibly user friendly, this is not a program for everyone. Namely, it is strictly based around developing for the web. Support can be found within the documentation tab or, if all else fails, through e-mail directly to the developers. They also post articles, reviews, and feedback in regards to their product. Because of its frequent updates and active community, Charles is a great application to use for debugging if only because you can reach the developers with any ideas you have for improvements. Both experts and novices alike will enjoy Charles’ capabilities.


  • Clean interface
  • Allows for bandwidth throttling
  • Great for AJAX and Adobe Flash developers


  • Not for casual users

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